At ShopWell, we’re creating a site that not only helps you achieve your food goals, but that’s also fun and easy to use. Learn more about our great features, including our new lists!

At ShopWell, we know that finding foods that meet your personal needs and preferences isn’t easy.  Our goal is to change that.   How?  By creating a site that not only helps you achieve your food goals, but that's also fun and easy to use.

From the start, we’ve taken a user-centered approach to designing our site.  This means that we constantly speak to individuals who we think could benefit from ShopWell.  We pay attention to what’s working, what’s not and what features may be missing.  We also check our UserVoice forum regularly so please use this forum to send us your thoughts about the site.  We’re listening!

So far, we’ve brought you some great features, including:

Personalized food scores – We generate scores based on your personal profile, using recommendations suggested for your age group and gender.  These recommendations are made by a panel of registered dietitians, based on data from the Institute of Medicine.  Food scores are further personalized by your food goals and conditions as well as any individual food ingredient/nutrient preferences you may have.  The more you personalize your profile, the more customized your score becomes.

Preference call-outs and ingredient/nutrient highlighting – If a food contains any  preferences that you’ve noted, we’ll call them out. Mouse over any preference on the list, and we’ll highlight the corresponding item in the nutrition label or ingredient list.

Suggested alternatives ­– Based on your profile and the product you’re looking at, we'll suggest similar products you might like.  Click on suggested products to learn more about them.

And, brand new on the site:

Lists!  – You asked for them and now you have them.  Sign up for a free ShopWell account to create and name as many lists as you’d like.  Then add products by clicking on the Add buttons.  Use your lists to save interesting products you find on the site like good kids' snacks, foods you'd like to avoid or foods you're curious to try.  You can even use it to create your shopping list and print it out to take with you to the store.

We hope you enjoy what we have so far.  Keep checking in as we release new features every few weeks.  Enjoy!