By making simple, healthy changes to your grocery list, you change the foods that come into your home and the ingredients in your everyday meals. Follow these steps to make simple, healthy grocery lists.

By making simple, healthy changes to your grocery list, you change the foods that come into your home and the ingredients in your everyday meals.
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ShopWell, we make changing your grocery list easy by allowing you to search for foods that meet your specific needs before you go to the grocery store. Instead of standing in the grocery aisles trying to read the tiny text on the box, you can do all your food product research at home and zip through the aisles at the grocery store-all while knowing you are making healthy choices for you and your family.
Follow these steps to begin making healthier food choices:

Create a profile 1. Create a profile.

By entering your age, gender and any preferences like dietary-related goals and conditions, likes, dislikes, and allergies and intolerances, you allow us to customize your food search and score foods based on your needs.

Search for foods 2. Search for foods.

Try searching for your favorite cereal, your usual yogurt brand, or the new bread you saw advertised on TV. How does each food product score for you? If it scores well, click Add to List in the top right corner. If not, scroll down to the Other Products You Might Like section and browse for similar foods that score higher.

For example: Look for cereals that say Good Source of Fiber. Look for yogurt that does not contain Added Sugar. Look for bread that contains Whole Grains.

All of these nutrition points are reflected in the score, but the highlighting and callouts allow you to see for yourself why this product might score higher or lower for you.

Browse by category 3. Browse by category.

Once you have finished looking up your favorite foods, browse products by category to round out your list and find foods you might have forgotten to add to your list. (Essentially, all those foods you might throw in your cart at the last minute when shopping at the store.) 

For example: Browse the Soups section to see which scores best for you. Use the hide feature at the top right to hide products that contain your Don’t Wants or your Allergies or Intolerances.

Make alternate lists 4. Make alternate lists.

Like a product, but don’t want to add it to this week’s list? Make a new list called ‘Foods for Next Time’ or ‘Foods for Summertime’.

Print your list 5. Print your list.

Hit Print under your list and put it in your bag (or in your loved one’s bag) to take to the grocery store. We automatically save your list, so you can come back to print or edit it trip after trip.

Now that you have your healthier grocery list, try making lists of ingredients for your favorite recipes. Challenge yourself to make recipe lists that include ingredients with green scores. Or make a list of green scoring foods to serve at your next party or company event.
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