We hope you are getting excited about the holiday season.  We know we are!  It is a time of presents, family, and of course…food.  Yummy!
Whether you are making a list to bake your favorite recipe, or want to get started on your New Year’s resolution early, ShopWell is here to help.    Here are 5 ways that ShopWell can help this holiday season. 
1.     With Recipes – Baking something this year for a holiday dinner?  You can look up any of your favorite ingredients on ShopWell and find healthier alternatives.  Let your secret recipes be tasty and smart!
2.     With Wish Lists – Preparing a meal for a larger group?  Create a list on ShopWell that accounts for everyone’s favorite foods so you are armed in the store with an awesome list.

3.     With Family Allergies – Let ShopWell do the work by screening foods for your family’s allergies and intolerances.  We know it gets complicated…let us do the heavy lifting.
4.     With Learning – Hey, we all want to eat better, let ShopWell serve as your nutrition guide as you plan for the holidays.
5.     With Getting a Jump Start on New Year’s Resolutions – ShopWell can help you get a jump start on that new year’s resolution with our personalized nutrition label widget.  You give us a little info about you, and we tailor the nutrition label to show you exactly how much of stuff you really should be having.
So what are you waiting for?  Start making your holiday shopping list at  ShopWell