Picture 39 Danielle Gould of Food and Tech Connect posted an incredibly well written piece on data driven business models, the web, and our (ShopWell's) intentions to use data to improve the quality of food out there in the marketplace.  The piece includes an interview with Co-Founder, Brian Witlin, who does an in depth dive into the thought behind ShopWell

Here is an excerpt from her wonderful post: 

ShopWell is a free grocery and nutrition adviser site that allows consumers to rate products based on their customized needs. Its goal is to empower people to make better decisions about their health and what they consume. ShopWell’s business model, stated clearly under the “How We Make Money” section, is to monetize the market research insights gained through consumer use of the website and app. What’s interesting about ShopWell’s approach is that a) it’s completely upfront about its intentions and b) it uses the data to improve the development of products. By being honest and transparent about the use of data, it is able to build trust with consumers. The well designed personalization tool creates a mutually beneficial way of aggregating valuable data. Corporations benefit from this trust and the valuable insights that are nearly impossible for them to obtain on their own. ShopWell CEO Brian Witlin was kind enough to answer my questions about ShopWell and the success of its business model.

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