We hope you are getting the New Year off to a great start. We are very excited be announcing our newest feature – Shareable food lists.

We listened to you, our community, to bring this feature front and center. We tried to develop a list that could be used in a variety of ways with the unique ability to share it with others.

So why would you want to use our ShopWell Sharable Lists? Here's Why:

Herschel Walker's ListShare Grocery Lists With Family
Want to get that special someone off the couch to get the groceries? Want to get everyone’s picks in before you go to the store? Now you can. Simply create and name your list on ShopWell of the groceries you want to buy and click one button to email the list to someone else to take to the store. The list even includes your personalized ShopWell scores so your designated shopper knows which foods are better for you or your family.

Recipe Lists
Have a set of items you need to get for a favorite recipe? Now you can create and name lists for all the items you need so you have all the ingredients, every time. You can even share the ingredients with a friend. Just send them the recipe in an email and include a link to your recipe ingredients list.

It is always a challenge to know who is bringing what to a party. With ShopWell's Sharable lists you can create a master list of foods and send it out to all your friends. If there is anything missing, you can easily update the list…and your friends can view it easily online. No more forgetting the mustard!

“Want” and “Don’t Want” Lists Want to collect the foods you love all in one place? How about the foods you hate? Now you can create “Want” and “Don’t Want” lists on ShopWell. You can even share them with your relatives… Maybe your aunt will finally get the hint that you don’t like onions.

Share Your Top 10 Lists With the World
Have your go-to snacks for traveling? Have a list of top 10 foods to eat after a workout? Why not share that info with the world over Email, Facebook, or Twitter.
DSC_0454After I had a chance to meet Herschel Walker at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, our Head Dietitian, Marci, for example, made a list of Good Sources of Protein (Non Meat) for Herschel Walker, who has been looking for ways to eat more protein from a variety of sources. She has not only been able to give Herschel some ideas, she can now share this list and more with others over email, Facebook, or Twitter.

I took the time to make my “ShopWell Founder’s Sinful Indulgence’s List”. What is neat is the ability for anyone who views the list to not only laugh at my picks, but to find out how well the items match their health profile. They can even comment on Facebook or Twitter with their remarks.

As you can guess, some of these foods don’t score very high, so eat sparingly ☺. If you have a favorite list, post a link in the comments section below.

Hey, if we get enough great lists, we will feature you and your list on our blog!

Get started building and sharing lists today.