ShopWell is all about personalized nutrition information…but what about personalized savings?  How about mixing the two together?  We are excited to announce the launch of grocery coupons on ShopWell, with a special twist. 

So what what makes these coupons so special?  Instead of just being a list of random grocery coupons, we do the work to sort the coupons based on your health needs.  We take your personalized ShopWell match scores, and use them to sort items the products we find coupons for.  Once you find the coupons that match your health and budget needs, we send you over to CellFire who puts the coupons directly on your loyalty card.  Pretty clever, heh?  

So here is how to get started saving while eating healthy:

1.  Log-in to your ShopWell account.  If you haven't created an account, you can create one here.

2.  If there are coupons available in your area, you will see a banner at the top of the page that looks like this (see below).  Click on "browse coupons" to see your coupons (note that coupons are not available in all areas.  To change your zip code, click here):

Coupons Banner

3.  If you are interested in getting a weekly update of the newest coupons available in your area, click "email me weekly coupons"

  Picture 34

4.  Click on a coupon you want, and then click "Get Coupon on Cellfire" to add the coupon to your loyalty card.  Cellfire will take it from there.   

Picture 33

At ShopWell, we are very excited about giving people tools to take action about the foods they buy at the grocery store.  Now, even more than ever, we hope that ShopWell helps you not only shop healthier, but save money while doing it.  Now that's a tasty combination.