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ShopWell is honored today to announce that we received a great writeup from Phil Lempert of SuperMarket Guru in the bi-weekly Lempert Report. Phil is a leading food industry analyst, journalist and trend-watcher. offer readers the latest food & health news, new food product ratings, money saving tips, unique recipes, food allergy info and resources to help get the most from every shopping trip.  We are even more excited because SuperMarket Guru articles are consistently passed around our office both from our team and our board of directors on a regular basis.  

Here is an excerpt from the wonderful post: 

Not sure exactly what foods your health condition shuns? No problem as ShopWell does the work for you. Just select a diagnosis or condition, and foods that contain suspect ingredients are automatically rated lower (or a zero if they contain an allergen) when browsing the lists. Personalized scores range from 0-100 and are bucketed into three categories: green (strong match), yellow (medium match), and red (weak match). ShopWell has really thought of it all; when you’ve created a list you can compare products on your list with those that better fit your health profile, known on ShopWell as “trade ups.”

Click Here to read the full write up.  Thanks Phil for the wonderful post!