CNET Daniel Terdiman featured ShopWell this week on his blog Geek Gestalt on His informative and detailed post discusses ShopWell's personalized nutriton algorithm, positive and fun nutrition tools, and a discussion of our new Trade Ups feature.

Included in the piece are interviews of both our Founder Brian Witlin and Head Dietitian Marci Harnischfeger MS RD. Thanks Daniel for such a great write up! 

Here is an excerpt from his fantastic post:

If you're going to try to help people figure out the best foods for their individual circumstances, why not bring a little Silicon Valley sensibility to the table?

That's the thinking of ShopWell, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up that's hoping to become a major player in the ever-growing personal nutrition recommendation arena with a high-tech matching algorithm.

Founded by Brian Witlin, a former entrepreneur-in-residence at leading design consultancy IDEO, ShopWell is aiming to give individual shoppers Web- and mobile-based applications that offer the best possible suggestions about what groceries to buy based on their own personal needs.

And while the service is quick to suggest products from a wide range of manufacturers, its algorithm is designed to be independent of any kind of influence from those manufacturers. That's a crucial component to any nutrition service, since it means that the system is not hard-wired to steer users towards products that might not suit their needs just because of contractual obligations.

Rather, explained Marci Harnischfeger, Shopwell's head dietician, the service is intended to take stock of each user's personal preferences and health situation and build a set of recommendations tailored directly to that person, and then to provide an easy to understand score for any food.

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We also want to thank Nutrition Diva, Monical Reinagel, MS, LN for recommending ShopWell as a tool "To make the hunt for healthier options easier" in her blog Nutrition Over Easy. We are also loving the tips she gives in her book: Nutrition Diva's Grocery Store Survival Guide.

Nutrition Over Easy Here is an excerpt from her delightful post: 

Shopwell  Create a free profile on their website and indicate which nutrients or ingredients you want more of or  or want to avoid (or choose from several pre-set profiles for a variety of health conditions). Then, search the database of brand-name foods to find ones that match your criteria.  You can save and print lists on your home computer, or download their free iPhone app to take it with you.

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