Thank you to all for visiting our booth at the 2011 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo this past week. We loved meeting everyone and are so proud of the positive feedback we received for ShopWell

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I just wanted to share with everyone a few pictures from our journey:

Arriving with a ton of luggage, we were very excited to get to the San Diego Convention Center to set up.

Photo Sep 23, 9 37 41 PM  Boy we have a ton of lugage IMG_0265

Over the 3 days, we had a record number of people visit our booth this year. People loved ShopWell's free and customizable nutrition tools.

"Out of all the exhibits as FNCE, ShopWell is the best one. It's free and has the power to change people's lives." -Charmaine Jones, MS, Dietetic Intern

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the booth and giving feedback! For those of you who could not make it to FNCE, here is a tour of our booth.
 Marci and Charmaine  Chatting with RDs

A very special thanks to our intern Andrea Wolf for all her hard work and dedication to ShopWell. Brian and I highly recommend her for any Dietetic Internship program looking for smart, talented, and thoughtful individuals who are destined to succeed!


   FNCE Brian and Marci