ShopWell Fancy Food Show OutingThis past Tuesday I had the pleasure of joining the ShopWell team on a group outing to the 37th Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Everyone had an awesome time sampling the gourmet treats and checking out the latest food trends. Below are just a few of the trends that we noticed and that you might see popping up in your grocery store or favorite restaurant. 

Flavored Salts

  • Flavored salts were featured prominently at the show, with companies displaying salts enhanced with flavors that ranged from the decadently delicious to the slightly unexpected. My personal favorite was the Black Truffle Salt from Hepp’s Salt Barrel. With such an earthy and decadent flavor, it’s a surefire way to take a simple meal and add a gourmet twist. I can’t think of anything that it wouldn’t taste amazing on. Also popular, if not a little strange, was the Natural Bacon Salt from J & D's Foods. With all the flavor of bacon, minus the calories and fat, this strangely yummy seasoning is a win-win in my book.
  • What is even better is that because these salts have such great flavor, you don’t need to use as much of them as traditional table salt. This means less sodium in your cooking! Interested in learning more about how much sodium you need on a daily basis? Read more here and make sure to check the Nutrition Facts Panel found on all foods listed on ShopWell to see how much sodium is right for you!


  • Coconut water has topped the list of hot food trends for the past few years and after browsing around the show it is clear that we will be seeing plenty of other made from coconut products. One example is ice cream from Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss, which is made from organic coconut milk. This product offers a dairy, soy, and gluten-free alternative to traditional ice cream and other frozen treats, while still maintaining a rich and creamy flavor and texture making it a good to know about food when planning menus for people with varied diets.
  • Coconut can bring an exciting and exotic flavor to food, but because of the saturated fat content in many of its forms, a little can go a long way. To find out how well different coconut foods match for you, click here.      


  • There were a variety of gourmet pickle companies exhibiting at the show, with products ranging from the hot and spicy to the sweet and sour.  A few companies were also offering pickled fruits and a surprisingly delicious treat were the pickled figs from Boat Street Pickles, LLC. Brined in a solution of rosemary and balsamic vinegar, these little gems are the perfect combination of sweet and sour and would make a great addition to any cheese or charcuterie plate.
  • Because pickles have intense flavor, like both coconut and flavored salts, you only need to add a small amount. Click here to see which pickles match best for you.  

A big thanks to the ShopWell team and Marci for letting me tag along to the show and intern with the company for the past three weeks. I had a great time learning from each of you and had so much fun exploring the show with everyone!

Jennifer Ruiz, Dietetic Intern,