ShopWell launches new iPhone app with shopping lists and a new design.

Shopping lists are now in ShopWell 2.0, the new version of our iPhone app.  In addition to this feature–that will help you keep track of the foods you need and the foods you have purchased–you’ll see a new design we think is both beautiful and functional. Download the free app. 

Check out the demo video:

Lists on the iPhone
As you plan your shopping trip, you can add foods to your shopping list from either the website or the iPhone, and they will sync automatically. As you shop and want to remember a great food that strongly matches your needs, you can add that food to your list.  If you need to add a non-food product to your shopping list such as aluminum foil you can add that too.
When you’re shopping, you can cross-off the foods you get, and the app will remember the date you bought it. Your shopping list keeps track of your items, and you can figure out when you want to replenish them.  

New Design

The new design is clean and functional. We have given more space to your search results and product details by creating a sliding Menu. The Scan button is easy to access as it now has its own place in the Menu, and is available on the Search screen as well.
We’d like to hear what you think of ShopWell 2.0, so please send us feedback