At ShopWell, we are dedicated to helping you choose foods that are healthy for you. Even though we are focused on health, we have always known that you choose foods based on value and taste as well.

Coupon Reward in ShopWellSo we are excited to share with you that you can now get daily rewards in the ShopWell iPhone app for working towards your health and nutrition goals! Earn rewards for taking actions such as finding foods that score green for you and adding them to your grocery list.
Rewards will vary from coupons on food items to gift cards to discounts on retail items. For example, you may get rewards such as a coupon from Starbucks, an Amazon gift card, or a discount at Best Buy. While the rewards themselves will not always be in the form of discounts on healthy food purchases, they are still dollars in your pocket for taking actions to learn about and shop for healthy foods for you. 

To start getting rewards, update your ShopWell app to version 3.3. Please note, this is a beta version of rewards and we will continue to improve it over time to provide the most relevant rewards to you. 

Retailers and food manufacturers that would like to add rewards to ShopWell can do so by contacting us at

As always, we'd love to hear from ShopWell users on this new feature. Please share feedback in our forum or send an email to

Enjoy the rewards!