We know
eating healthy is a challenge, and it’s difficult to stay on course with your
goals. It’s our job at ShopWell to
help you with this by providing an app that is not only very useful, but also
engaging so that you want to keep coming back and using it.

With this
in mind, last month we rolled out daily rewards for using the app to learn
about and shop for healthy foods. Today,
we are excited to announce a set of new features to help further motivate you
as you make progress on your health and nutrition goals. ShopWell members will now earn points when
they take healthy actions such as finding foods that score highly for them and
adding them to a grocery list.

you do something in ShopWell that earns points, an indicator will flash in
the top right corner of the app showing the points you’ve just earned. Points will accumulate and you’ll earn achievement badges to signify your

Here's a quick look:

ShopWell HealthNut Achievement
ShopWell Achievements

While the points and achievement badges are for your enjoyment and
encouragement, it is truly helpful to recognize and reinforce your efforts to
find and eat healthy foods. Over time, we’ll be adding more fun and useful features to help keep you engaged and motivated towards your health goals. 

We can't wait to see how ShopWell members progress through
the achievements and to get your feedback. Please share feedback
in our forum
or send an email to support@shopwell.com.

And don't forget to update your app to version 3.4 to start earning achievements

Happy Holidays,

Team ShopWell