There are tens of thousands of foods to choose from in the
grocery store and it’s hard to know what to buy. ShopWell has always been there
for you to help make your purchase decisions easier by informing you which
foods match your diet. Now, we are going to make your decisions even more
informed by providing you with food ratings from the ShopWell community.

Today, we released a new version of the ShopWell iPhone App
with food ratings. Customers can now give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the
foods they find in the app. We collect your responses and provide an overall
rating from the ShopWell community. Not only do we expect you’ll find the
ratings useful, but we also hope you enjoy rating foods.

Check out this example of Kashi Crackers which has an 83% favorable rating.


Another feature in today’s release is a share button on all the foods
you find in ShopWell. This is located beneath the Kashi's box and will make it easier for you to recommend foods you
like to your friends.

Get the Update in the App Store

As always, we look forward to your feedback. And thanks for
using ShopWell!

Team ShopWell