If you are gluten free, either as
a personal choice or for health reasons, you may think that it will be
difficult to keep up with the diet while on vacation. However, if you do some
planning ahead, you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time
worrying about your next meal. Here are some tips you can follow.



Finding gluten free food at the
airport can be a bit of a challenge. Many times, airports are filled with fast
food stations and other unhealthy eateries. However, if you look hard enough,
you will be able to find some gluten free dishes, such as salads, wraps, and
veggie trays.

You also have the option of
filling up before you head to the airport. Eat a hearty meal at home with foods
that you know are safe for you. This will prevent you from needing to eat while
you are there. You could also pack some snacks for
before you get on the plane. Not only will you be assured that they are gluten
free, you will also save some money.



When you are staying in the hotel,
you don't want to be reaching for the mini bar they have in the room. Not only
will it be filled with foods that you should not eat, it also has the highest
mark ups of any food you will find. Instead, plan ahead. When you check into
your hotel room, make a trip to the grocery store and fill your mini fridge
with foods that you would normally eat at home. Stock up on what you won't feel
guilty about snacking on.

If you are going to eat the food
the hotel offers, ask if they can make special accommodations when making your
reservation. Sometimes they will not put the gluten free options on the menu
but can make a meal gluten free if you ask. Often times it can be difficult to
determine this information, which is why I have turned to consumer reviews. I
recently took a trip to Sin City and with some research found some gluten
free restaurants
. Tools like these can make eating right easy regardless of
your destination.



Thankfully, many restaurants are
catching on that there is a large population of people who are gluten free. These
days, most restaurants you walk into will have gluten free options on their
menu. The only question is how much of a variety they will offer to their
gluten free customers. Again, avoid fast food locations. Find restaurants that
are more on the healthy side with salad bars, grilled chicken, and the option
to swap out unhealthy sides for veggies. If you are concerned you won't be able
to find anything on the menu, feel free to call ahead and ask what they offer
for their customers who are gluten free. Generally speaking, the wider variety
the menu is, the more likely you are to find
something that you can eat
, especially without sacrificing flavor. Be sure
to keep an eye out for menus that meet your needs.


On the Road

It can be hard to find gluten free
food while you are on the road. This is when most people run through a fast
food joint to grab a quick burger. Instead, pack plenty of snacks and visit the
local grocery store where the ShopWell
will help you make more informed decisions. And if you have to,
understand that there are gluten free options at the usual roadside fast food
restaurants. Many sub and sandwich shops will have salads that are safe for you
to eat or lettuce wraps that nix the bread.


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