Our mission at ShopWell has
always been to make the world a better place to eat. We started ShopWell to
provide personalized nutrition information to shoppers like you to help you make
better decisions about the foods you buy. Today more than a million people use
the app, and are making healthier choices every day as a result.

In the latest ShopWell app update, we added a cool
new feature called Missions. A “Mission” is a short survey from a food company to
ask ShopWell users their opinion. The questions are things like flavor, quality,
nutritional benefit, etc. A “Mission” takes just a few minutes – and the brands
thank the ShopWell user with a gift card. 
No personally identifiable information about the user is shared with the
food company.


Food companies want your opinion, because it helps them provide
better food options that meet your needs. It is our mission and strong belief
that we can “Make the world a better place to eat” – one Mission at a time.
This movie is already playing on your iPhones. So get started!

Download the latest
app, complete a mission, and be heard.

this video to
learn more about how ShopWell can help you make healthy choices.


Rhishi Pethe is the Director of Product Marketing at ShopWell. He is a foodie and wants to use data to make the world a better place to eat.