As we said in our October update on ShopWell, "Food companies want your opinion, because it helps them provide better food options that meet your needs. It is our mission and strong belief that we can “Make the world a better place to eat” – one Mission at a time."


Food companies and brands have already received valuable feedback from ShopWell users. We are excited to tell you that with the latest ShopWell iOS release, we are adding more ways in which ShopWell users can provide feedback to "Make the world a better place to eat". 

ShopWell users can now take pictures as part of a mission (if required). ShopWell users will have the option to skip certain optional questions in a mission, if they so decide. We have also made it easier to answer questions where you want to provide a response other than what is listed in the options. Based on your valuable feedback, we have also added a setting to turn off missions, if you do decide that you do not want to take part in any future missions.

We would love your feedback on this new feature.