Halloween marks the official start of the holiday season in which food, fun, and festivities are upon us. Halloween also marks the first big test of how we handle the end of the year festivities and prevent overindulgence in all the great food, drinks, and candy surrounding us. Here are a few tips to consider while you are out and about this Halloween.


  1. Eat dinner before going trick-or-treating. This is important. Don’t go trick-or-treating on an empty stomach where the only food choices for the next hour or two are sugar, sugar, and more sugar. You will be less likely to overindulge in fun sized candies if you are satisfied from a meal before starting out.
  2. Get a walk in while collecting candy. Map out a trick-or-treating route that will also give you some exercise. If your neighborhood is situated for it, aim for a Halloween route that is 1-2 miles in distance. This way you can get some cardio in and burn off a fun size candy or two.
  3. Pick out your favorite candy. Select your top 10 candy choices then enjoy 1 piece per day as a treat after Halloween is over. The great thing about Halloween candy is that it is perfectly portion controlled for you. Most candies are anywhere from 40-100 calories per bar/pack. By allowing yourself to select 10 candies and then enjoy them after Halloween will prevent you from feeling deprived on Halloween, which can lead to overindulgence. Consider donating the rest of your leftover Halloween candy to charity so it is not tempting you at home.
  4. Working the arms. If you are heading to trick-or-treat with kids offer to carry their candy bags. No, this doesn’t give you free reign to eat their candy! By carrying the bags full of Halloween candy you can put your arms to go use and get some strength training while out and about. Consider doing bicep curls and triceps extensions with both arms while walking to get in some exercise on Halloween.  
  5. Enjoying the Halloween party. When attending a Halloween party make sure to stay well hydrated. Alternate your festive beverage with a glass of water to stay well hydrated. This will also limit the amount of calories and sugar you are drinking during the party. If you are asked to bring something to the party, consider bringing a vegetable or fruit-based appetizer. That way you know there will be at least one healthy dish you can enjoy without worrying about blowing your calorie intake for the day.


What are some of your favorite Halloween tips for keeping it healthy and fun?