As the weather gets colder and daylight gets shorter it gets harder to gather the motivation to exercise outside. With the holiday season upon us it means parties, getting together with friends, and (usually) good food. Often this time of year leads to over eating and too many calories. During this time of year it becomes even more important, and challenging, to keep up with your exercise goals through the holiday season. Here are some tips to help you successfully get out the door to exercise.

  • Phone a friend. Set up an exercise date with a friend.  This way you can hold each other accountable for working out. Plus it is easier to get out the door when someone else is waiting for you outside.
  • Join a challenge.  Throughout the holiday season there are a number of fitness challenges hosted by retailers and mobile apps to encourage you to get moving. Joining a challenge and having your progress published for everyone to see will motivate you to stick to the exercise plan. Plus the bragging rights for finishing a challenge are a great perk.
  • Load some jams. Some people are motivated to exercise and enjoy the experience more if they have a great soundtrack. Others prefer to go unplugged. If you are one who needs music to get you going, splurge on a new soundtrack or create a new playlist to get you pumped up and out the door.
  • Dress for success. Make sure you have the appropriate clothing and gear for the weather outside. Consider buying a new article of cold weather exercise clothing that you’ll enjoy wearing while working out. Set yourself up for success by dressing for the weather outside rain, snow, and cold temperatures. Layers are important to keep in the body heat but can be easily removed to prevent you from overheating. 
  • The back-up plan.  If the weather is just too bad to even consider exercising outside have a list of indoor exercise options. The back-up plan can be anything from exercise videos, a gym membership, strength training, or yoga sessions. Anything to get you up and moving that day will work. 


What are your favorite ways to stay motivated and exercising in fall and winter?