You survived Thanksgiving Day and are now left with a refrigerator full of leftovers. Although I love spending the evenings leading up to Thanksgiving planning and prepping and cooking with family on the day of, I also enjoy the challenge of what to do with the leftovers. If you are looking for inspiration I have compiled a list of classic ideas, must-try finds, and some new favorites for you to explore. Enjoy!


  • The classic – leftover turkey sandwich. This line up of sandwich ideas from Bon Appetit if full of possibilities. You will definitely use your leftover turkey in no time flat.



  • Nothing says breakfast like French toast stuffed with cranberry sauce found on the Alaska From Scratch blog. Adding some cream cheese makes it that much more decadent. Hopefully you aren’t still full of turkey dinner to enjoy this dish the next day.


  • Speaking of breakfast, who can resist waffles? I love waffles whether they are savory or sweet. The stuffing waffle recipe over on the Serious Eats blog is seriously tempting. Definitely a must try this holiday season.


  • Reheated mashed potathoes lack a little something in my mind. However, these mashed potato cakes are perfect for brunch the day or weekend after Thanksgiving. Top them with eggs (fried or poached would be delish!), lox, or sausage patties for a savory way to start your day.  


  • Change it up and make turkey tacos or tostados like the recipe found over on Eating Well. Packed with some vegetables and seasonings you’ll enjoy your turkey all over again. The tacos would also be a great football food to enjoy with friends this weekend.   


  • Another classic and one of my favorite leftover-infused dishes, Shepherd's pie like this delicious recipe over on The Roasted Root blog. This is dish is something I always love making since I can use up all the leftover roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes or yams. Just add some turkey or lentils for the vegetarians and you are all set.



Need more ideas? Check out this amazing list from The Roasted Root.