This week's post was written by the dietitians over at on their Ask The Dietitians blog. ShopWell is focused on helping its users make healthier choices in the grocery store through a personalized score and Trade Ups based on personal nutrition goals. Healthy Dining Finder has you covered for when you are dining out. On the Healthy Dining Finder website you can search for dietitian-approved menu choices at participating restaurants. Now you can enjoy dining out without the guess work and worry about what is healthy!






Between the multiple holiday parties, festive baked goods, and stocked candy bowls around the office, it is easy to see why many people fall off their diet plans during the winter months. But the drop in the weather temperature doesn’t always have to go hand in hand with an increase on the scale. Many people fall off their diet plans and stop focusing on weight loss goals during the winter months just for this reason.

Holidays and everything they bring with them can make it difficult to stay on track. But the drop in the temperature and increase in festivities don’t have to go hand in hand with higher numbers on the scale.  Follow these tips to stay on track with your health goals between now and New Year’s:

  • Take advantage of all the nutrient-dense winter produce, like kale, spinach, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with fewer calories than other traditional holiday and party fare.
  • When your plans call for a holiday party, make sure to eat balanced meals throughout the day and have a snack before you go to help prevent stalking the hors d'oeuvres all night.
  • At any event, big or small, choose lean proteins like turkey breast, ham, lentils and beans, all of which can be found in many classic holiday dishes, from soups and salads to main courses. Pair the lean proteins with whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • When it comes to indulging in holiday treats, choose your favorite and savor it in moderation.
  • Fill out your diet with the best choices at restaurants for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner and opt for Healthy Dining-recommended menu choices when catering holiday events.


What tips do you follow to stick to a healthy diet during the holidays?