Have you ever looked at the back of a food package and wondered what the heck all the ingredients actually are, let along how to pronounce them? There are over 50 different types and words (this might be a low estimate too) for sugar used on ingredient labels and that’s just for one basic ingredient!  

ShopWell wants to help you make healthier choices in the grocery store. We also want you to feel confident when you’re reading the Ingredient List and the Nutrition Facts panel on the food products you buy. For the more commonly used, controversial, or just plain unpronounceable ingredients we have added ingredient descriptions. When you are using the app, or on the website, take a look at the Ingredients tab and look for the underlined words. If you tap on an underlined ingredient a definition pops up for what that ingredient is and why it’s being used in the food.

We are continually adding ingredient descriptions. Let us know what ingredients you want to see demystified and we’ll get right on it!  


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