One of the many things I love about the winter months is heating up the kitchen (well the whole house really) making all sorts of soups, stews, and chilis that warm you up from the inside out. Don’t get me wrong, I love making soups all year round, but there is something special about enjoying a hearty bowl of chunky vegetable soup as the temperature plunges outside. The fall and winter seasonal produce lends itself so well to creating hearty soups from sweet potatoes and butternut squash to leeks and parsnips.  I love trying new recipes from food bloggers I follow and I also love experimenting in the kitchen to see what soup creations I can make (with varying degrees of success…) Below are soup recipes from some of my favorite blogs that I have tested at home, thoroughly loved, and are absolutely perfect for making on a winter night.  All are quite delicious as leftovers for lunch the next day, if it lasts that long. 


  • I am obsessed with sweet potatoes, as are many other people given the popularity of everything from sweet potato fries to sweet potato pancakes. This sweet potato and sausage recipe from Smitten Kitchen does a fantastic job of pairing the sweetness of the beloved root vegetable with the spice of the sausage. I usually add kale or chard instead of spinach since I find it holds it own better in the soup. Overall a must try for a weeknight.
  • There’s been a lot of chatter recently about cauliflower becoming the next star vegetable featured in all types of dishes and cuisines, from home chefs to restaurants. I have long been a big fan of cauliflower and its versatility in the kitchen. In winter, you can’t go wrong with a cauliflower soup. It provides a creamy and rich texture that definitely leaves you satisfied. I love the flavor profile and ease of preparation for this curried cauliflower soup recipe from What a Girl Eats blog.
  • Some times I just want a hearty chunky soup because that sounds just perfect to me on a winter night. I have made this 10 spice vegetable soup recipe from Oh She Glows blog with excellent results. I usually make this recipe on the weekend when I can take inventory of my pantry and make sure I have all the necessary spices stocked. Definitely worth a try for a veggie-packed lunch or dinner.
  • This lemon garlic orzo soup with tofu from Nutrition to Kitchen blog is fantastically simple and simply delicious. I find that broth-based soups leave me quite satisfied without feeling too heavy. The flavor profile of this soup is bright with the lemon added so it’s a refreshing twist on the heavier winter stew and soup choices. I tend to add whatever dark greens I have on hand in the kitchen and have been known to swap in white cannellini beans for the tofu.
  • Finally, you can’t go wrong with a great chili recipe. I love making chili in a slow cooker and letting its smells linger throughout the house. This spicy vegetarian chili recipe over on the Joy the Baker blog is perfect for a hearty weeknight meal. Or a Super Bowl party since that is coming up … just saying.

What’s your favorite soup to make that brings your warmth and cheer in the winter? 



Photo credit: curried cauliflower soup from What a girl eats blog