We know that shopping for yourself is challenging enough, shopping for your family can be even harder, especially when you’re looking for food that’s healthy and safe for everyone. Now you can set up a profile for each person in your family in the app, and see how well foods meet each of their health goals as well as quickly avoid allergies and intolerances.

(Right now the feature is only available for iOS users, but will be available soon for our ShopWell Android users.  If you don’t have the iOS app you can get it here)

Here’s how it works:

  • When you sign into the app, touch at the top to edit your profile.
  • At the bottom of your profile screen you will see a section for Family Members.
  • Click on Add Family Member. You’ll be prompted to enter your their name.
  • Once the new family member is added, click on their name to create their profile. You’ll be prompted to you set up Age & Gender, Goals, Wants, Don’t Wants, and Avoids.
  • Be sure to click Save after setting up your family member’s profile.
  • You can add as many family members as you like



Now when you are scanning or searching for products you can see how a particular product scores for you and your family. On a product page, in the top right corner you’ll see your icon or profile picture. If you click on your profile icon you will see all of your family listed. You can navigate between each member of your family by clicking on their name. When you click on a name, ShopWell will show you a new score for a particular product based on your their profile.



If a family member has an allergy or intolerance the Avoid symbol (white hand in a red circle) will appear in the top right corner by your profile image. If you click on that image you can see which family member needs to avoid that product. By clicking on that their profile you can view the product page, what ingredients need to be avoided, and what are some alternatives that they can safely consume.






ShopWell is here to help you and your family discover new foods and make healthier choices at the grocery store. We hope you're as excited about the new family profile feature as we are!