Halloween is the start of the holiday season and there is no shortage of candy. It can be easy to overindulge on candy when it’s everywhere. But, you can eat and enjoy some Halloween candy without worrying about the calories. Here are five tips for you to have a happy and healthy Halloween.  


DO THE MATH – With Halloween coming up in a few days your home or office may be overflowing with treats and candy. The great thing about Halloween candy is you can get fun size candy that is perfectly portion controlled.  You can enjoy one piece of your favorite candy without eating too many calories – just be sure to stop after one (or two)! Below are some of our favorite 100 calorie or less candies.

  • Milky Way (fun size) = 80 calories
  • Skittles (fun size packet) = 60 calories
  • M&M’s, milk chocolate (fun size packet) = 60 calories
  • Reese’s peanut butter cup (1 mini size) = 36 calories


FREEZE IT – If you have leftover Halloween candy you don’t need to save it all. Pick out your favorite type and put the candy in the freezer. This makes the candy out of sight and out of mind. Plus it makes it harder to eat too many pieces of candy when you have to wait for them to thaw out or risk cracking a tooth on frozen chocolate.


FUEL UP – Don’t go trick-or-treating on an empty stomach (the same principle applies for grocery shopping!) Be sure to have a balanced dinner that includes some fiber, protein, and fats before heading out the door. A full, and satisfied stomach, will keep you from raiding the candy bag and causing havoc on your blood sugars.


FUN SIZE - Halloween candy is tempting with all the sugar, but you can make healthier choices. First, choose fun size candies that are lower in calories. This way you can enjoy a few candies but keep the calories and added sugar in check. Next, look for dark chocolate varieties of fun size candy, which have a few more health benefits compared to milk or white chocolate. But, just because it’s dark chocolate doesn’t mean its lower calorie or has less sugar. Choose one or two pieces of candy, take the time to enjoy them, and put the rest of the candy out of sight. 


SAVOR  – It is hard not to be tempted by all the Halloween candy, but you don’t need to avoid it completely. Instead savor one fun size piece of your favorite candy each day so that you aren’t feeling deprived. Just be sure to give away all the other candy so you aren’t tempted to eat it just because it is there.


Happy Halloween!