On the fifth day of ShopWell we are giving your shopping cart its own health check up (the check up is painless, we promise!).

Ever wondered how healthy your shopping basket is? Want some suggestions for healthier alternatives but don’t know where to find them? ShopWell can help! Check out the new My Grocery Purchases feature in the app. Just enter your online grocery store details and the ShopWell magic will look at your purchases and recommend better-for-you alternatives. We’ve started out with a few retailers and will continue to add more in the New Year. It’s never been easier to make simple swaps in your grocery basket to keep the house stocked with healthier alternatives.

Download the app to discover how your shopping cart is doing and learn why our users love ShopWell so much.


Basket scoring


Check back in tomorrow to discover how ShopWell helps you find better-for-you food, without any scanning or loyalty programs!