As dietitians we're suppose to have all the answers to any food-related questions and be the perfect eaters all the time. We probably never overindulge on ice cream and stick to proper portions at every meal, right?! Um, not really … We try to eat healthy the same as everyone else but ice cream and other treats do find their way into our shopping carts (which is totally fine!). So, I wanted to start a new series on the ShopWell blog were you get to peek at what a dietitian actually buys at the grocery store. 


To start off the series, we get to take a peek into Sarah's shopping cart. Sarah Fitzgerald is a San Francisco-based registered dietitian who loves all things food and fitness. I'll let her tell you about what she stocks up on. 



My weekly trip to the grocery store is usually to replenish the kitchen with our favorite food staples and typically to stock ingredients for 1-2 dinner recipes. I tend to organize my shopping list by planning through the three meals. My breakfast staples include eggs, greek yogurt, berries, whole grain bread and almond butter (not pictured here, but I always have a spare jar on hand). Lunch is generally focused on easy, grab-and-go items. I like to throw in a couple of pre-made salads for easy access during a busy week. My husband always appreciates a basic turkey sandwich, so I often keep the staples for a simple sandwich on hand as well. For dinner I usually pick 1-2 recipes for the week that I know will produce generous leftovers. In the mix this week are the makings for a lemon garlic orzo with roasted veggies (ingredients include: crimini mushrooms, assorted bell peppers, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, shallot, orzo, feta cheese).  I will do some simple baked chicken on the side for some protein. After a busy workday I like to have plenty of veggies and some lean protein options to throw together for a quick meal. One of our favorites is sautéed spinach with garlic, tomatoes, broccoli, black beans and a fried egg on top. 

I find with a little planning, a pantry and fridge stocked with staples helps us enjoy healthy and delicious food, even in the midst of a busy week!


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks into dietitians' shopping carts! 


Sarah Fitzgerald is a registered dietitian and owner of RDelish. Her philosophy on food is "eat what makes your body feel best… and when you stray away, do so in moderation." She works as a clinical dietitian at Stanford Healthcare and has a private practice as well. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram