On the eleventh day of ShopWell we let you bring along some favorites.

This word sounds familiar right? We all know what a favorite is, it’s that thing that we love and save and go back to time after time. Well, we decided that ShopWell needed a Favorites feature too. Now you can give food products some love if you want to try them out, don’t want to forget the name of them, or simply love them as a tried and true option. Simply click on the heart button on a product details page to “favorite” it and we’ll save that product for you in the Favorites page on the app. There’s no better way to keep track of all the new products you want to try and all the food products that may be tasty and better for you.  You’ll also be able to see how many ‘favorites’ a product has received from other ShopWell users.

Download the app, keep track of your favorite foods, and learn why our users love ShopWell so much.



Tomorrow is our last day of the Twelve Days of ShopWell! We saved the best to last …