On the tenth day of ShopWell we’re giving you a bunch of awesome new content!

ShopWell is more than just a food scanner that gives scores to food products. It’s also an app for discovery and learning. ShopWell’s new app design features a Newsfeed as your Home page. Here you can read the latest Quick Tips written by dietitians specifically for your goals. Discover better-for-you products to try based on your health goals with Smart Lists. If you’ve linked your store loyalty card with our My Grocery Purchases feature – you’ll even find Trade Up suggestions based on groceries bought yesterday! Plus, you’ll see new Missions pop up in your Newsfeed when they become available. Missions really are the easiest way to earn a few bucks without too much work. We’ll debut even more awesome content in the Newsfeed throughout the year for you to read whether you’re standing in line at the checkout, crammed in on the subway, or just relaxing on the couch. Discover why ShopWell is so amazing and so much more than a food scanner app!

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