man food


Food is universal – whole foods and minimally processed foods are good for the everyone. Some foods however pack more punch in helping prevent men’s health issues. These seven foods have the men’s best interests at heart and can help protect them from cancer, heart health and other health issues.


Surprise! Just one more reason to add avocados to your shopping cart. Avocados are having a moment in the food spotlight and for good reason. This fruit is a great source of monounsaturated fats, which are healthy fats for your heart. Monounsaturated fats can do great things for your cholesterol too, beating down the total cholesterol and the LDL (aka the “bad”) cholesterol. Just keep the total fat in your diet in check, aim for 25-35% of your total calories and you’re good to go.


No meal prep required here and a great pre-workout snack. Bananas are packed with potassium which is important not only during exercise and muscle recovery but also for keeping your bones healthy and strong. Plus a potassium-rich diet also keeps your blood pressure in check.

Brazil nuts

Just one ounce of brazil nuts (about 6) boosts over 700% of your daily needs for selenium. This lesser known nutrient is important for boosting your immune system and helps your thyroid gland.  The thyroid gland produces hormones that help keep your metabolism in check as well as regulate heart and digestive function, among a whole host of other important jobs.


Feel free to add a bit more sauce to your pasta or pile some more salsa on your taco. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene. Lycopene has been studying for its role in helping prevent some cancers, including reducing prostate cancer risk (which men should be paying attention to). Tomatoes are also a great source of vitamin C and has anti-oxidant benefits.

Quality protein from lean meats and fatty fish

Although you should have more on your plate than just steak and potatoes, lean meats including lean cuts of beef and pork can fit in a healthy diet. Meat, particularly red meat, is a good source of iron and amino acids to help muscles recover after a workout.

Don’t forget about the fatty fish like salmon. They’re not only a quality protein choice but are also chalk full of heart healthy fats. An added bonus – a 4 ounce serving of wild caught salmon boosts 128% of your daily value for vitamin D (you know, the sunshine vitamin most of us are not getting enough of!)

Tart cherries

Good news – cherries are in season right now! The tart cherries (not the sweet varieties like bing or rainier) help promote muscle recovery because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Look for tart cherry juice at the store and feel free to sip on some of that as part of your next recovery snack.


This deep red hued vegetable is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and sweet taste when roasted. Beets are rich sources of betaine and folate, both are important for heart health and are potent cancer fighters. Try adding chopped roasted beets to salads or add to smoothies to reap the benefits.