Congrats to those of you who participated in our first Healthy Blood Pressure Challenge. We loved all of your feedback and participation. Now that you’ve learned the basics on managing a healthy heart, we’re ready to offer you our next challenge: LEAN & GREEN!

In this next challenge, we’ll be showing you how to shop smarter at the grocery store with our Lean & Green 30-day challenge.

We’ve got lots in store for you! We’ll show you how to trim the fat and boost the veg both at the grocery store and at home.

  • Receive daily recipes to inspire you (don’t miss our personal favorite, the Morning Glory muffins) from our friends at EatingWell.
  • Enjoy our fun quick quizzes and earn $1 for every answer!
  • Read customized tips and videos for following a lower sodium diet
  • Participate in our twice-weekly LIVE chat with Lara, our ShopWell dietitian.
  • Get personalized food recommendations based on your previous grocery store purchases.
  • Scan each grocery receipt to find hidden fats in the foods you buy and see if you’re a produce powerhouse — you could even win a FitBit!

Are you ready to go Lean & Green? Our next session is just around the corner. Let’s do this together!

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