2016 has taken a few interesting turns, but we’re not about to get all political on you. We’re here to talk about food, as usual. This year has also seen a rise in some awesome health trends that we really hope stick around. Read more to find out our favorites food and fitness trends of 2016!


Avocado Toastscreen-shot-2016-12-16-at-3-33-53-pm
Um, yes please! Smashed avo on whole wheat toasties with a poached egg? Or how about a crispy toastini with avocado and sliced tomatoes and basil? We like all things avocado and this is a trend we’re hoping will stick around. Smear a heart healthy fat on whole grains and top with raw veggies and herbs and we are sold!

I’m sure you guessed that this was going to be on here. Kale is the superfood of 2016 and it’s in everything from smoothies and salads to chips and burgers. True, it can be a little tough to stomach, but have you tried baby kale? It’s got a milder flavor and it’s not as rough as full grown kale, but you still get all the vitamins and minerals!

zucchini-noodles-with-pesto-8Gluten-Free Flours and Pastas
The gluten-free trend has been going strong for some time now, and while the label “gluten-free” does not necessarily mean healthy, there are some great new products on the market. Subbing refined flour for a gluten-free flour has changed the baking game and created some exciting new pastas! Flours made from black beans, chickpeas, lentils, nuts, and quinoa pack a lot more nutrients and protein than standard refined flour. And we really love spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles!

Grass-Fed Beef
Allowing cows to graze on grass instead of processed corn products improves the nutrition available in the meat and is better for the environment! Grass-fed beef has less total fat, more heart healthy omega-3 fats, and more antioxidants. This return to a more natural state for the cows makes the meat healthier and the cows happier!

The Wild Diet
We really love the idea of the Wild Diet, which is a spin off the Paleo diet. It focuses on eating like our ancestors, using more locally sourced foods, and less processed ingredients. Cutting back on processed foods to include more fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, and simple ingredients sounds good to us! Although we don’t agree with everything (we still think you should limit bacon, butter, and red meat), we like the idea of returning to a more natural, simple diet.

Instagramming Your Food6360071381951244151789154965_food-porn-cover
We know you’ve done it, and we’re guilty, too. You don’t have to be a top chef or a food blogger to take pics of your plates; these days, everyone is a foodie! The upside to snapping photos of what you eat? It’s a virtual food diary and can help you stay accountable to your health goals, especially if you’re logging in with your meal tracker, too. We don’t mind this trend as long as you don’t mind cold food or your friends waiting on you impatiently while you find the best lighting for your food photos.

Wearable Technology
Tracking steps is so trendy right now. Smartphones and Fitbit’s are other step tracking devices are helping people to get on top of their fitness goals. Everyone loves to win, so when you see that little e-trophy showing that you achieved your steps goal for the day, you feel like a success! We love that these devices are making it easier for people to track their workouts and food intake because they also serve as a great motivator! Have you hit your step goal today?

With the Kardashians continuing to dominate the media sphere, people are hitting the gym to attend a booty-boosting workout class or complete a social media squat challenge. Make sure to start including #legday when you’re planning your workouts to get a Kardashian-esque behind.

boghosian_unusualfitnesshoop1_bizExperience Based Workouts
More and more people are skipping out on treadmills and ellipticals to take a workout class. Some of the 2016 favorites were: hot yoga, pilates, spin, barre, hula hooping, aerial yoga, and Zumba. Have you had a chance to take one of these classes yet? Working out with a group can boost your workout to help you torch extra calories and build more muscle!