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One person’s meat can be another person’s poison

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Photo Courtesy: U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Nutrition Service (FNS) helps educate shoppers about the value of food labeling in December 1975. Photo courtesy National Archives and Records Administration.


You walk into your favorite
local coffee shop. As soon as the barista sees you, he or she already knows
your special coffee order and gets it started for you. This is a case of
personalized and tailored service that most of us love to have.

Why can’t we have that type
of a personalized service when we go for grocery shopping? Wouldn’t it be great
to have a person, tool or system that understands our nutrition and health
needs and also has a sense of our values in terms of how we want our food
grown, made, transported and sold? What should such a system look like? read more


Eating Healthy: Getting creative on a college meal plan

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The beginning of my freshman year of college felt like
summer camp: new friends, no parents, and most importantly, an all-you-can-eat
dining hall. The novelty of meals I had never seen before, complete with a
dessert option after lunch and dinner–plus the soft serve machine–made me a
happy camper. I could not be bothered to pay attention to what I was eating or
how many times I went back to get “just a few more” tater tots. Yet just as
college is a place for higher learning, I had to learn how to manage my food
choices in the dining hall if I wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle. read more


ShopWell’s Head Dietitian Marci Speaks at Perspectives on Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit

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On August 23rd in Washington DC, I had the honor of sharing my perspective entitled: How Web and Mobile Technologies Are Changing Nutrition Education at the Perspectives on Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit hosted by the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging. Click below to view a clip of my speech: 


I want to thank the National Aging Network for bringing us together to discuss our different ideas and to find ways that we can collectively work to improve senior nutrition services in this country and work to end senior hunger.

I also want to thank the hardworking staff at the National Resource Center for making us feel welcome and for making sure the entire event went off without a hitch. They certainly are a dedicated team!

If you missed the conference, you can review highlights on Twitter: #nutritiondc2012. 

I was also joined by Dietetic Intern, Charmaine Jones. Here is her perspective of the historic day:

Marci and Charmaine PerspectivedLate last month, I joined ShopWell’s Head Dietitian, Marci Harnischfeger MS RD at the Perspectives of Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit where the Administration of Aging was celebrating its 40th anniversary of the Older Americans Act nutrition programs. The summit began with an extraordinary video on the history of federal nutrition programs that provides hot and nutritious meals to millions of older adults across America such as the Meals of Wheels Association of America. A broad array of dynamic speakers such as Kathy Greenlee, Administrator of Administration for Community Living and Assistant Secretary for Aging, Dr. David L. Katz, Director and Co-Founder Yale Prevention Research Center, and other panelists spoke about their perspectives on how to improve the health of older Americans.

Technology is rapidly changing the ways of health care. Older adults can obtain simple and easy to understand health and nutrition information right from their personal computers or smartphones. In her speech, Marci stated that “people 65 years and older spend over 3 hours a day surfing the internet.” “Out of 13,000 apps on a smartphone; 2,000 of them focus on nutrition and health education," stated David Lindeman, Director of Center for Technology and Aging. With technology, seniors will have the opportunity to engage in selecting foods that help meet their nutrient needs. 


KO Obesity! Boxing for Your Health

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KO Obesity, a new web series based in New York, chronicles the journey of five people taking a new approach to weight loss…boxing! ShopWell was recently included in their episode on nutrition and grocery shopping. Enjoy watching participants learn how to read food labels right in the aisles of their local grocery store.

Want to know more about KO Obesity and help spread the word? You can watch all the episodes on YouTube and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. read more


Food & Health News Roundup

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Here are some of the top stories in recent news regarding healthy eating and nutrition. Send us a tweet to @shopwell or comment on our Facebook page with your thoughts or questions. Comments are always appreciated!

Kids Who Cook Are Hungrier for Healthy Food Choices – Science Daily

"Science Daily reports that a study from the University of Alberta “suggests the best way to get your child to eat healthier foods — and actually enjoy them — is to have them help with meal preparation.”  Read more…

Not All Calories Equal, Study Shows – WSJ 

"A diet based on healthy carbohydrates—rather than a low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet—offers the best chance of keeping weight off without bringing unwanted side effects, a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests."  Read more…  read more


The Evolution of Grocery Confusion

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When we talk to ShopWell users, one of the most common questions we hear is simply: “What do I eat?” It should be simple, but given the extent of the food-related health problems in this country, it proves to be quite difficult for many people.

Solving this problem by helping people eat healthier is our goal here at ShopWell. To give us more insight, we’ve explored what led us to this current state of grocery confusion. Turns out, it took over a century to get here!

Evolution of Grocery Confusion - ShopWell
Many thanks to ShopWell’s Head Dietitian, Marci Harnischfeger MS RD, for leading the research for the infographic and to Valerie Willis for pulling it all together with an easy to follow visual design. read more


ShopWell Appears on The Today Show!

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We're very excited to share our first appearance on The Today ShowShopWell was featured in a segment about using technology to eat better.

Many thanks to Heather Cabot for featuring us in her round up. Heather talks about how reading nutrition labels can be overwhelming and ShopWell solves that problem. Keep up with Heather on The Well Mom blog and on Twitter at @wellmoom.

Check out the video and share it with others you know who are looking to eat healthier!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy read more