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In the News: L. Jasmine Kim joins ShopWell as CEO

Around the Table By September 16, 2010 Tags: , , No Comments

We're very excited to welcome Jasmine to the ShopWell team! Jasmine joins us as CEO and brings with her an ideal background, not only as a seasoned marketing veteran who understands the importance of championing products that align well with consumer needs, but also as a mom who strives to provide her family with healthy food.


Learning about what’s in your food

Around the Table By August 16, 2010 Tags: , , , , , , , , No Comments

In a grocery-buying age, it's much more difficult to know everything about our food like we did in the days when we actively grew and harvested what we ate. However, we can take the time to better understand what our food contains, looking for simple, wholesome ingredients.