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New year, new dietary guidelines!

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Just in time for many of us who are setting weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise goals, the new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans have just been released by the the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)! Overall, the guidelines focus less on individual nutrients and superfoods and more on a healthy balanced that includes whole foods from all food groups. It’s the overall eating pattern that matters and no one part is more important than the others. Of course, we can’t forget about physical activity most days of the week either! Sounds familiar right? read more


Caffeine Awareness Month

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Caffeine Awareness Month

This month is National Caffeine Awareness Month.  In honor of this “holiday”, I would like to start by telling you why I love caffeine.  Let’s count the ways!  First, it a stimulant.  It wakes up parts of my brain to keep me awake when all I want to do is sleep.  Second, it also makes me happy as it signals my brain to feel good and have a great sense of well-being.  This of course is why it is so addictive.  We can all stop anytime we want, right?  And my favorite part of caffeine is that it comes with so many delicious methods of delivery: chocolate, coffee, coffee ice cream, iced coffee, iced chocolate coffee, hot chocolate. read more


Top 4 Diet Myths Debunked

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This week’s recipe comes from Heather Mason, MS, RDN over on her blog Nutty Nutrition. She's debunking diet myths one at a time – check it out! 


In today’s hyper-connected world we are bombarded with health and diet information. Everyone from Dr. Oz to your next door neighbor is a self-declared nutrition expert. (Have you noticed that I’m not so fond of Dr. Oz?) While it’s great that we have easy access to health information, some of it may not always be true. Here are some common diet myths debunked. read more


Portion Distortion

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The portion size that many Americans eat on a daily basis has been increasing over the past few decades.  What a meal looked like in the 1950s when your relatives dined out in a restaurant would look small and unsatisfying likely by today’s standards. 

PortiondistortionTo start a discussion on portion distortion, it is important to distinguish between portion size and a serving size. The serving size of a food item is a standardized unit of measure for food. The most obvious place consumers will see the serving size for a food is on the Nutrition Label. The portion size refers to the quantity of food served at an eating time. So when you go to a restaurant and order a burger, fries, and a soda it is likely the portion you will be served is much bigger than the standard serving size.   read more


One person’s meat can be another person’s poison

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Photo Courtesy: U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Nutrition Service (FNS) helps educate shoppers about the value of food labeling in December 1975. Photo courtesy National Archives and Records Administration.


You walk into your favorite
local coffee shop. As soon as the barista sees you, he or she already knows
your special coffee order and gets it started for you. This is a case of
personalized and tailored service that most of us love to have.

Why can’t we have that type
of a personalized service when we go for grocery shopping? Wouldn’t it be great
to have a person, tool or system that understands our nutrition and health
needs and also has a sense of our values in terms of how we want our food
grown, made, transported and sold? What should such a system look like? read more


ShopWell Mobile App Update – Share Your Grocery Lists and More!

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Today, we released a group of features for the Shopwell iPhone app. We’re excited to tell you about them! 

Here’s a look at all the new features and how to access them:

Share Grocery Lists 

Need to share your grocery list with your spouse, parent, friend, or other fellow healthy grocery shopper? Now you can: simply hit the share button at the top of your list and you can text or email your list. You will never forget the milk again!

Share a list direction        Share Lists   read more


Cooking or Just Eating? Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips For All

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Dreamstime_s_16786628With Turkey Day only a few days away, those of you who are cooking might be pressed for time or short on ideas for what to serve. And those of you who are just eating might be concerned about overdoing it. Never fear! We've got last-minute Thanksgiving tips for both groups.

If You're Cooking

Handling culinary duties this year? We know it can be tough to balance work, travel, houseguests, and preparing a big meal for your family and friends. Here are some great last-minute ShopWell lists of foods to add to your grocery list that are nutritious and easy to prepare. read more