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The low FODMAP diet profile

Health Care Professionals, Keeping It Fresh By January 2, 2016 No Comments


On the eighth day of ShopWell we’re making one tough diet just a bit easier for you.

The low FODMAP diet (aka Fructo-, Oligo-, Di-, and Monosaccharides and Polyols) originated from the Monash University in Australia where researchers discovered a way of eating that may be beneficial to those suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It’s a tricky diet to follow so you definitely should work with a registered dietitian through the elimination and challenge phase of the diet.

ShopWell can help you figure out what to avoid when following a Low FODMAP diet and suggests FODMAP-friendly alternatives. The ingredients to avoid are based on research that determined levels of the various types of carbohydrates that make up the FODMAP acronym. When you select the Low FODMAP diet on ShopWell it will automatically pre-check all 5 types of carbohydrates to avoid but you can customize the goal by unchecking types that you find you can tolerate. We’ll continue to update ShopWell as more ingredients are tested. Following a new diet and managing symptoms of IBS is hard, hopefully ShopWell makes it a little bit easier for you. read more


Personalization just got easier

Health Care Professionals, Keeping It Fresh By January 1, 2016 No Comments


On the seventh day of ShopWell we get personal.

Food is a personal thing. Diets are a personal thing. Everybody’s body responds differently to calories and nutrients so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. ShopWell gets it. In the ShopWell app a user can select their personal health goals (for example healthy pregnancy or managing high blood pressure) or lifestyle choices (like following a vegan diet or eating to support athletic training). The user can even select what nutrients and ingredients she wants more of in her diet and what foods she wants to avoid. It’s impossible to count the different ways a user can set up their profile in ShopWell – but there’s a healthy diet in there for everyone. read more


Discovering better food just got easier!

Health Care Professionals, Keeping It Fresh By December 31, 2015 No Comments


On the sixth day of ShopWell we’re taking the effort out of discovering great new snack and meal ideas.

Looking for something new to try at the grocery store? Check out one of ShopWell’s newest features: Smart Lists! Based on your health goals we suggest some new products for you to try. Looking for new snacks post workout or fill-me-up breakfast ideas? We have some ideas tailored just for you. You’ll see new products each time you open up the app. Click ‘Favorite’ to save products you like or want to remember for later. This fun list of new foods to try appears in the Newsfeed on the Home page of your ShopWell app. This is one gift that keeps on giving! You never know what you might discover. read more


Give your grocery cart a check up!

Health Care Professionals, Keeping It Fresh By December 30, 2015 No Comments


On the fifth day of ShopWell we are giving your shopping cart its own health check up (the check up is painless, we promise!).

Ever wondered how healthy your shopping basket is? Want some suggestions for healthier alternatives but don’t know where to find them? ShopWell can help! Check out the new My Grocery Purchases feature in the app. Just enter your online grocery store details and the ShopWell magic will look at your purchases and recommend better-for-you alternatives. We’ve started out with a few retailers and will continue to add more in the New Year. It’s never been easier to make simple swaps in your grocery basket to keep the house stocked with healthier alternatives. read more


Check out the better-for-you recommendations!

Health Care Professionals, Keeping It Fresh By December 29, 2015 No Comments


On the fourth day of ShopWell we’re giving you the magic of a trade up.

Have you ever stood in front of a row of shelves at the grocery store utterly confused? You’re trying to find something healthy to eat but are not quite sure what labels to look for let alone what those labels mean. You can use the ShopWell app to scan the bar code on a package and check out the score to see how well that food fits your diet goals. If you aren’t happy with the score, ShopWell will recommend an alternative in your local store. ShopWell recommendations are a great way to trade up and meet your health goals and discover better food choices. read more


ShopWell Makes It Easier To Shop For The Family

Health Care Professionals, Keeping It Fresh By December 28, 2015 No Comments


On the third day of ShopWell we’ve got your family’s back at the grocery store.

We get it. Grocery shopping is not most people’s idea of a fun activity and rarely is it a stress-free experience. Shopping for a family with different health goals or food allergies makes it that much harder.

That’s why we built the Family Profile. Now you can create a profile for each family member and with just one bar code scan see how well a food product matches everyone in your family’s diet needs and goals. It’ll even warn you if there’s a food allergen for someone. Plus ShopWell will suggest better alternatives in your local stores. read more


All new look, same great app!

Health Care Professionals, Keeping It Fresh By December 27, 2015 No Comments


On the second day of ShopWell there’s something brand new and super cool to discover!

Check out ShopWell 5.0! ShopWell has a new look and feel but the same great features you know and love. Based on our users’ feedback we made the registration process even easier. We also made sure to highlight all the features you love like ease of scanning and better-for-me recommendations. We added all sorts of cool things like a health check for your shopping basket and more ways for you to discover new products. We can now help you easily find foods that fit all your family members’ goals. What hasn’t changed? ShopWell is still free, has no annoying ads, and provides unbiased recommendations and food scores. read more