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Hello Fall! The Apples Are Here!

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I love summer and all the berries, melon, and stone fruit that come with it but there is something magical about fall. The air is crisp, mornings are cool, I still get plenty of sunshine, and nature takes on a whole new display of color. Fall to me also means turning on the oven, baking exploits with apples and squash, and an almost never ending supply of canned pumpkin stocked in the pantry.

We’ll start fall off with a round up of apple recipes I have my eye on (we’ll get back to squash later, promise!). Apple picking season is upon us and that means apple butter, applesauce, apple crisps, apple doughnuts (if you are feeling indulgent), and so much more in your future. To get you in the mood for fall, apples, and all their glory check out these recipes. read more


Caffeine Awareness Month

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Caffeine Awareness Month

This month is National Caffeine Awareness Month.  In honor of this “holiday”, I would like to start by telling you why I love caffeine.  Let’s count the ways!  First, it a stimulant.  It wakes up parts of my brain to keep me awake when all I want to do is sleep.  Second, it also makes me happy as it signals my brain to feel good and have a great sense of well-being.  This of course is why it is so addictive.  We can all stop anytime we want, right?  And my favorite part of caffeine is that it comes with so many delicious methods of delivery: chocolate, coffee, coffee ice cream, iced coffee, iced chocolate coffee, hot chocolate. read more


Rebranding Superfoods

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The label “superfood” has become so trendy it’s hard not to jump on board with whatever food is the next “it” item to add to your diet. There are over 100 different foods in the market today that have been labeled as a  “superfood” at some point in time. But what’s the deal with the “super” label?  It’s a tough thing for any food to live up to, as the end all, be all, cure all miracle food of the moment. I have nothing against the foods that are labeled as “super,” they are very healthy choices. My issue is with the label itself and how it can overshadow the basic tenants of eating healthy. read more


Balanced Eating – The 80:20 Rule

Foodamentals, Health Care Professionals By July 30, 2014 1 Comment


Following a healthy diet every day is hard work. The hard work comes from consistently practicing the changes you made to your eating habits, day in and day out. However, follow a new eating pattern for long enough (generally longer than 28 days) and it will become a new habit for you. It likely will even become enjoyable for you. But occasionally life happens and you’ll be tempted to splurge from your usual eating patterns; this is normal. Allowing for some treats in a diet can encourage consistency with your eating goals over the long term.  Are all foods created equal? No, but there is room for less nutritious foods in your diet as long as most of your daily intake consists of nutrient dense foods.  read more


Portion Distortion

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The portion size that many Americans eat on a daily basis has been increasing over the past few decades.  What a meal looked like in the 1950s when your relatives dined out in a restaurant would look small and unsatisfying likely by today’s standards. 

PortiondistortionTo start a discussion on portion distortion, it is important to distinguish between portion size and a serving size. The serving size of a food item is a standardized unit of measure for food. The most obvious place consumers will see the serving size for a food is on the Nutrition Label. The portion size refers to the quantity of food served at an eating time. So when you go to a restaurant and order a burger, fries, and a soda it is likely the portion you will be served is much bigger than the standard serving size.   read more


ShopWell for Patients

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We have heard from from doctors, allergy specialists, RNs, and RDs that they reccommend us all the time. But we are wondering how many patients remember to download the app after talking to their health care professional? To make it easier, we have developed some cards that you can hand out to those whose health is dependant on diet modification. It outlines what the free app does and has instructions on how to install and use it.

If this sounds like something you could use at your practice, email me your address and I will send out a pack. Health care professionals are our best referrers! Thanks for helping us make the world a better place to eat. read more