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Spectacular Fall Recipes

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It officially feels like fall outside. Sweater weather is here and I couldn’t be happier! With cool evenings, your kitchen is practically begging you to turn on the oven and start roasting vegetables. Fall and winter squash are absolutely delicious when roasted with their natural sugars providing a caramelized flavor and texture. I have already highlighted some delectable apple recipes and deliciously crafty butternut squash recipes on the blog. This week features some other fall favorites that may not be as popular as the ubiquitous butternut squash but should definitely be added to your recipe repertoire.  read more


5 Healthy Halloween Tips

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Halloween is the start of the holiday season and there is no shortage of candy. It can be easy to overindulge on candy when it’s everywhere. But, you can eat and enjoy some Halloween candy without worrying about the calories. Here are five tips for you to have a happy and healthy Halloween.  


DO THE MATH – With Halloween coming up in a few days your home or office may be overflowing with treats and candy. The great thing about Halloween candy is you can get fun size candy that is perfectly portion controlled.  You can enjoy one piece of your favorite candy without eating too many calories – just be sure to stop after one (or two)! Below are some of our favorite 100 calorie or less candies. read more


What Are the Best “Fall” Spices?

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This week's post was written by the dietitians over at on their Ask The Dietitians blog. ShopWell is focused on helping you discover better food choices in the grocery store through a personalized score and Trade Ups based on your nutrition goals. Healthy Dining Finder has you covered when you’re dining out! On the Healthy Dining Finder website you can search for dietitian-approved menu choices at participating restaurants. Now you can enjoy dining out without the guesswork and worry about what is healthy! read more


A Taste of Fall – The Butternut Squash Recipe Round Up

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I told you I would be back with some squash recipes? You really can’t talk about fall produce without mentioning the ubiquitous vegetable, butternut squash. After pumpkin, which enjoys the limelight in October for Halloween, butternut squash recipes are everywhere. You can find peeled and pre-cut butternut squash cubes in the produce section of the grocery store or you can buy a squash and then peel and slice it at home. Nothing beats the sweet-savory flavor and aroma of roasting butternut squash. It really shines paired with sweet flavors like apples and persimmons or can hold its own in meaty dishes and savory stews. Check out the recipes below from some truly awesome RD food bloggers to find ideas for bringing butternut squash into your kitchen. In case you haven’t done any meal planning for the week yet there are some one-pot-wonders and quick meals in this round-up! read more


Mango Cashew Energy Bites

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This week's blog post comes from the fantastic dietitian Nancy Wilson. On her blog, Running Dietitian, she provides recipes, tips, and resources for all types of runners. You can find Nancy on Facebook or follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. These mango energy bites are easy to make and the perfect grab-and-go post workout food for those weekday workouts. 




No matter what distance you’re running, it’s important to follow up the workout with good nutrition. Your body needs carbohydrates to replenish it’s glycogen stores and protein to heal muscles. Since I’m usually crunched for time after early morning runs, I like having something healthy packed and ready to eat on my way home. read more


Shopping Just Got Easier! Introducing the Family Profile

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We know that shopping for yourself is challenging enough, shopping for your family can be even harder, especially when you’re looking for food that’s healthy and safe for everyone. Now you can set up a profile for each person in your family in the app, and see how well foods meet each of their health goals as well as quickly avoid allergies and intolerances.

(Right now the feature is only available for iOS users, but will be available soon for our ShopWell Android users.  If you don’t have the iOS app you can get it here) read more



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This week's post come from Heather Mason, MS, RDN. Check out her blog The Nutty Nutritionist where she posts healthy and delicious recipes and clears up food and nutrition questions. 


MistakesPhoto credit Alice Henneman

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight maintenance or preventing disease, you may fall victim to one of these common dieting mistakes.

1. You eat (too) perfect before 6 PM. You had your protein shake at breakfast and your green salad for lunch. Now it’s dinner time, you’re starving, and you want to eat everything in sight. Of course you are starving, the day is almost over and you have only consumed 500 calories. Ideally, you want to spread out your calories evenly throughout the day. People that eat lightly during the day tend to go crazy in the evening. Aim for balance in your meals. A healthy breakfast and lunch should include foods from at least 3 different food groups. Instead of just oatmeal (1 food group) try oatmeal with berries, walnuts, and milk (4 food groups – much more balanced). Some research even suggests that making lunch the largest meal of the day, instead of dinner, may aid weight loss. read more