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Dude Food! 7 Foods Every Dude Should Be Eating

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Food is universal – whole foods and minimally processed foods are good for the everyone. Some foods however pack more punch in helping prevent men’s health issues. These seven foods have the men’s best interests at heart and can help protect them from cancer, heart health and other health issues.


Surprise! Just one more reason to add avocados to your shopping cart. Avocados are having a moment in the food spotlight and for good reason. This fruit is a great source of monounsaturated fats, which are healthy fats for your heart. Monounsaturated fats can do great things for your cholesterol too, beating down the total cholesterol and the LDL (aka the “bad”) cholesterol. Just keep the total fat in your diet in check, aim for 25-35% of your total calories and you’re good to go. read more


10 Tips To Fuel Up Right For Your Workout

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Summer is just around the corner. Kudos to all of you who stuck with your exercise resolutions! A key to keeping your energy levels up before, during, and after exercising is what you eat, your pre-game and post-game strategy if you will. To help you power through your exercise routines and put your healthiest food forward check out these ten quick and simple tips!


#1. Focus on high carbs and moderate protein about 90-120 minutes before your workout.

Meals should be high in complex carbs (think whole grains), have some protein, and be low in fat. Aim to eat your pre-workout meal about 2 hours before exercising so you’ve got the fuel you need without any pesky side cramps. The meal should contain about 300-500 calories. Think: chicken/ham/tuna sandwich, chicken and pasta, boiled eggs and rice, whole grain cereal, or a bowl of oatmeal. read more


Pale Is the New Kale

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This week Monica, our dietetic intern from San Francisco State University, explores the often forgotten group of vegetables and fruit that aren't part of the rainbow. Maybe the saying should be "eat the rainbow and the clouds!" 


Last time I checked, white isn’t in the rainbow, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the white-colored fruits and vegetables!

 According to the White Vegetables: A Forgotten Source of Nutrients, a scientific roundtable conducted at Purdue University, there is no specific subgroup for these fruits and veggies – they are lumped in a non-category called “other vegetables.” And who would want to eat those? read more