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Popular Foods Have Arrived in the ShopWell App!

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In the last ShopWell iPhone App update we launched a feature
that allows people to rate the foods they find in ShopWell. This helps the community know which foods people like the most. Today, we released an update to the app which uses your
ratings along with other measures of popularity to provide you a weekly
notification of popular foods.

True to ShopWell’s mission, the popular foods notification is personalized. You will get the popular foods of people with the same
nutrition goals and preferences as you. For example, if you are looking for gluten free
foods, we’ll only show you the popular foods of others who have also selected to avoid gluten. read more


Spread the Word: ShopWell’s iPhone App Now Even Cooler!

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We here at ShopWell have exciting news. Our iPhone app just got even cooler. We've added a bunch more features that are sure to please.

See Your Lists: 

Headed to the store and didn't get a chance to print your list? Want to know the name of the bread you traded up to last week? Now you can see all of your lists right in the mobile app for a quick and easy reminder of all of the healthy foods you picked out at home.

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Edit Your Profile:

Trying to remember which health goals and nutrition preferences you set? Check out the new profile section where you can review and update all of your ShopWell preferences. read more


ShopWell Featured in the “Future of Mobile Tagging” report on PSFK

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ShopWell on PSFK This week, PSFK, one of our favorite trend research and news websites, released an excellent report on the Future of Mobile Tagging.  After reading the report, it was truly amazing to see the multitude of ways that we will be using our smartphone cameras as a tool to interact with the world around us in the near future.  We were excited to be included in the report and to be noted to be "on-trend".  To that point, we will strive to improve our mobile experience as we truly believe that utilizing ShopWell Mobile will make you a  smarter shopper in the grocery store… allowing you to continually optimize the products you buy that meet your unique food related goals and conditions.         Here is an excerpt from the product review section: 

Mobile tags can give people the information they need to make decisions about products they are considering. With additional technical information, people can understand how products will fit their wants and needs and they can also understand what to expect from an experience before they commit to making the purchase.


  • Scanning can direct shoppers to product specifications that provide them with a deeper understanding of potential benefits.
  • Mobile tags can be linked to product reviews and side-by-side comparisons to help influence a customer’s decisions.

Take on ShopWell:

Shopwell is a platform that helps people manage their diet and nutrition needs. Users build an online profile noting information such as gender, age and goals, which the service uses to offer personalized food shopping advice. When visiting retail locations, shoppers can scan product barcodes through the Shopwell mobile app, instantly pulling up highlighted ingredients and nutrition labels. It will also tap into a user’s dashboard in order to generate customized food scores and provide suggested alternatives. read more


ShopWell On The Go: Mobile App Launched!

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You told us you wanted an app, and we listened. The mobile version of ShopWell is now available for the iPhone. Check it out — it's Free!

ShopWell mobile is the perfect complement to, delivering personalized food scores in the store or on the go. You can use the app to scan products, see the nutrition label, ingredient information, and recommended alternative products right on your iPhone.  No need to squint at labels anymore!

Even more exciting–if you’ve already created a profile on the web, you’ll be able to see your own personalized food score for every product you look up.  And if not, you’ll still be able to see food scores for general health.  Either way, you can quickly find out what's in your favorite foods. read more